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Finished 6-foot bronze sculpture of the great woman athlete Fredia “the cheetah” Gibbs


Fredia " The Cheetah" Gibbs 6 foot monument to be cast in bronze at Laran Bronze, Chester Pa.

24 inch clay model for the 6 foot monument to be made in 2020 in the Philadelphia area (TBA)

The video will be scheduled for September 2020 (and later) on Channel 21 in Radnor and Comcast 99 & Verizon 34 in Lower Merion Township. You can review when the program is scheduled by going to MLTV.org, clicking on VIEW SCHEDULE, and typing Fredia Gibbs Statue into the search bar. Best to search in the last week of the previous month. 

Credit to MLTV-Main Line Network

Fredia foam enlargement.jpg

6 foot styrofoam enlargement of the Fredia "The Cheetah" Gibbs monument at my studio.